SEB Amber
5.9% ABV                 37 IBU
The Starry version of an American Amber.  This rich amber ale is brimming with flavor.  Domestic specialty malts and a bit of Belgian Special B malt combine to bring forth intense notes of chocolate, caramel, plum and cherry. It is brewed with a firm hop spiciness to balance the beer’s higher residual sweetness, yet low enough in bittering units to let the specialty malts come through.

SEB White
5% ABV                    13 IBU
This is Starry Eyed’s version of the traditional Belgian Witbier.  Our SEB White uses the traditional pilsner malt, unmalted wheat, bitter orange peel and coriander for spicing, along with a touch of chamomile to set it slightly apart from most other Wits.  With so much flavor already in this easy-drinking, Belgian wheat beer, there’s no need for jamming a slice of orange on your glass!

SEB Saison
6.5% ABV                 24 IBU
A classic Belgian inspiration, brewed extremely dry, and highly carbonated.  This Saison pours with a big white head atop a gorgeous candy orange base.  An addition of Grains of Paradise lend the beer hints of white pepper that mingle with those of citrus, vanilla and cantaloupe. Quenchable, yet warming, this one is truly drinkable throughout every season.

SEB Blonde
4.5% ABV                   16 IBU
A relatively light American Blonde Ale.  Our version has a bit more body than your average blonde on the market, due to an addition of light crystal malt.  This beer is malt focused, with flavors of cereal, bread and crackers. With just enough Centennial hop to add a touch of lemony zest, our Blonde is the beer for those who like a light, flavorful “session” (lower in alcohol) beer.

SEB Wheat
5% ABV                    18 IBU
Fifty percent wheat, fifty percent barley; all domestic grain, malted by Rahr (Shakopee, MN).  This is a well-balanced ale that really puts forth the wonderful flavor of white wheat.  Being this wheat beer has all those flavors of morning cereal, pastries, fresh baked bread, it just may be the perfect breakfast beer!  Naturally, it is equally enjoyable later in the day or night (and, perhaps, more sociably acceptable).  An easy drinking beer, and our Brewer’s personal favorite.

Lindy Hopped IPA
6.3% ABV                 36.5 IBU
A tame, yet flavorful, American IPA.  “Late boil” and “dry” hopping is used to showcase the flavors and aromas found in a couple highly prized hops, without the aggressive bitterness found in most modern American IPAs.  The essential oils in mosaic hops lend hints of blueberry, tangerine and papaya.  Citra dry hopping contributes notes of passion fruit, lychee, melon and/or grapefruit.  A perfect IPA for those who think that they don’t like “hoppy” beers.

SEB Robust Porter
6% ABV                    24 IBU
A deliciously dark and substantial porter with increased strength and flavor.  This beer is made of the highest quality English ingredients, showcasing Marris Otter malt and Progress hops.  With not-so-subtle flavors and aromas of chocolate, caramel and coffee, our Robust Porter is sneaky smooth.  A great sipper on its own or paired with dinner.

XX Cream Ale
6.8% ABV                 17 IBU
Our big, refined uncle to the light lager most Americans grew up swilling. Made up of premium German Pilsner malt, corn and rice, and fermented extremely dry (low residual sugars), this beer sips dangerously smooth for a beer with one and a half times the alcohol found in your average domestic lager.  The use of ale yeast gives this beer subtle, yet wonderful, notes of vanilla and strawberry.  Crafted for sipping.  Not swilling.

Stray Double IPA
8% ABV                    100 IBU
A big beer to showcase the wonderful Simcoe hop.  Smoother than the IBUs would suggest, our copious use of the Simcoe hop brings forth the decadent character of peaches and pine.  With enough caramel sweetness to keep everything in balance, and enough alcohol to warm the coldest of bodies and souls, we suggest taking your time with this one.  Enjoy in moderation, as they say.

Tommy Chelada
AKA- Michelada, AKA- Red Eye, AKA- bloody beer.  This Cancun style beer cocktail is our weekly Sunday Special!
Two parts XX  Cream Ale, one part Clamato with a bit of lime and secret seasonings, and topped with a few capers and green olives —if you are a fan of Bloody Marys, you are certain to relish this weekend treat—especially if you had a bit too much fun on Saturday night!


Glasgow Kiss
9% ABV    23 IBU
Our Scottish Wee Heavy that is playfully named after a soccer term for a head butt. This is a big malty sipper. Super smooth, low on bitterness with notes of chocolate, toffee, caramel and plum/raisins.    Enjoyed by this sip, it will sneak up on you. Too much too quickly and LIGHTS OUT.         

Wee Walker
10.5% ABV                 23 IBU
Limited to 500 bottles (750 mil), this is our Glasgow Kiss aged on Oak and Johnny Walker Red. The ABV is a touch gained, while remaining super smooth. The oak brings out vanilla notes that make this sipper delicious at any serving temperature. Released yearly, and gone when they’re gone.

Fall Fling Wet Hop IPA (Tapped out! Back this Fall)
5.5% ABV                 68 IBU
Thanks to Jeremy G., Matthew B., and the Jeff Schilling family for this one!  This hazy, wet-hopped IPA is packed with fresh-from-the-bine Centennial, Columbus, Cascade, Nugget and Galena hops. Local, hand-picked and into the boil as quickly as humanly possible. So delicious that it is truly a shame it will never be brewed again. Enjoy it while you can!

Caramel Apple Ale (Tapped out! Back this Fall)
5.9% ABV                 5.5 IBU
An apple ale like no other. This one started with 45 gallons of freshly picked, crushed and pressed apples from our very own apple tree. We added extra caramel malt and a bit of lactose to keep it sweet. This one was quite laborious, but we think it was well worth the effort!


Changing weekly. Small batches of our flagship beers, double dry-hopped to showcase select hop varietals.


Changing weekly (sometimes daily!) Small batch, often whimsical, beers in which we combine our flagships with delicious fruit and spices. Try them while you can - beer today, gone tomorrow!